We treat our
clients like family

Each project we take on is given the care and attention it deserves.


We review , organize, summarize files and documentation and prepare charts to help in lawyer reviews. We also prepare and organize voluminous Affidavit of Documents, review and summarize medicals and productions.

Lawyers get the support they need in preparing files for trials and we'll even prepare, tab and assemble complicated motion records.

Estate Litigation

Meeting with clients is the first step in preparing their estate accounts for passing.

With an in depth knowledge of the legal process, we're better equipped in preparing the estate accounts, with back up documentation, than most accountants..

Family Law

Getting financial statements prepared with back up documentation is critical when dealing with family law.

Our 35 years of legal support experience makes us the better choice than an accountant, as we have a deeper understanding of how these financials will be used from a legal standpoint.

Court Filing

You'll save on court filings with Legal Clerk. Most process servers charge on average 25% more than us. Take advantage of our lower prices today for all your court filings.